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LyonRock Biography

Both born and raised in San Francisco, Ca. just houses away from each other, Danny Castro (FrontLYon) & Raquel Castro (Rock) did not meet each other until the summer of 2006.  

Their chance encounter happened during a Tuesday night bible study at Love International SF. Because of their mutual love of music, it did not take long for FrontLYon and Rock to become friends.

A pastor at  Love International noticed FrontLYon's gift for rapping and urged him to use his gift for the Lord. This inspired FrontLYon to create a Hip-Hop group with his friend Elvis. Shortly after, FrontLyon's friend Elio, his sister BB and then girlfriend Rock also joined the group and together they formed,  'The Young ProphetZ'

Pretty soon, 'The Young ProphetZ' were ministering up and down California spreading the Gospel through music.

In 2012 Rock and FrontLYon were married. After much prayer and waiting on the Lord they were led by the spirit to change musical directions and create 'LyonRock'. 

 With new ideas and a fresh energy LyonRock is ready to take this world by storm spreading the gospel and bringing healing to the mind, body, and spirit with music from heaven.

LyonRock state:

"Our dream and passion is to travel the world spreading the gospel of Christ to the lost and hurting and to share His Love and Glory to all His people.

Please keep us in your prayers!"


A Little More About Us

Danny Castro, aka "FrontLYon", is a Rapper/Musician/Singer/Chef.  Raised around a family of musicians and dancers FrontLYon could not help but love all genres of music. However, what captured his attention the most were alternative Hip-Hop acts like The Roots, Little Brother and A Tribe Called Quest. By age 12 FrontLYon's love for Hip-Hop grew from being a fan to recording raps and creating a Hip-Hop group with his siblings called 'Above Ave.' This eventually led to collaborations with established acts like Royce Da 5' 9'', Sadat X and one of Kanye West's contributing producers, !llmind.  

Fast forward, FrontLYon gave his life to Christ and decided to use his gifts for the Kingdom co-founding 'The Young ProphetZ'. During this time, FrontLYon, found his soulmate who also happened to be 'The Young ProphetZ' group member 'Rock'. The rest is history...



Raquel Castro aka "Rockis a Pastor/Singer/Music Teacher/Wife/Daughter/Sister. Rock has always wanted to sing and be in the entertainment business, but she knew from an early age that whatever she did she would do it for the Lord. Her passions now are to see lives changed, travel the world, and walk in God's perfect love. Rock's musical influences include her mother, father, and both her grandmothers as well as Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Whitney Houston and many more.  

Rock's motto in life, "It's never too late to pursue your dreams. Its like Buzz Lightyear said, 'Never give up! Never surrender!'"